Integrating Technologies: New possibilities for Early Childhood Pedagogy

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Integrating technologies could provide new opportunities to the development of innovative teaching practices in early childhood education settings. Case study was applied as the research method to explore the complex process of new and innovative teaching practice. A pre‐service teacher’s one‐year experience of integrating technologies in the context of early childhood educator training and field experience was studied. ICT‐supported learning and teaching process for young children was examined. Data was collected through interviews, 60 days’ teaching plans during two periods of field experiences, and student’s daily reflections. The research findings show three stages of integrating technologies: 1) adopting ICT, 2) integrating ICT in the integrated curriculum, 3) using ICT to go through the project work.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 2008


Hu, X. (2008, June). Integrating Technologies: New possibilities for Early Childhood Pedagogy. Paper presented at the CITE Research Symposium 2008: Empowering Communities and Transforming Learning, The University of Hong Kong, China.


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