Instructional leadership in Hong Kong: Reflection on research and practice

Sing Ying Elson SZETO

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Instructional leadership lies in principals’ practice in schools. However, instructional leadership practice is diverse in different parts of Asian societies. Over the past seven years, individual studies of instructional leadership practice are imperative to illuminate key leadership activities enacted by principals in specific educational settings. Comparative frameworks are yet emerged in conceptualization of instructional leadership for further research. Thus, it is timely to reflect on the findings of individual studies conducted in differentAsian societies. The key question is: How can the findings inform critical dialogues for further cross-cultural comparative research not only in Asia, but also in other parts of the world? This session of discussion on the findings of instructional leadership research inHong Kong, together with representatives from other Asian societies, will identify new challenges and opportunities in the field. Implications for cross-cultural comparative research will be also discussed.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - Mar 2017


Szeto, E. (2017, March). Instructional leadership in Hong Kong: Reflection on research and practice. Paper presented at The Asia Leadership Roundtable 2017: Seven years on: The state of the Asian knowledge base?, Hotel Regalees, New Taipei City, Taiwan.


  • Critical dialogue
  • Cross-cultural
  • Instructional leadership
  • Principals
  • Schools


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