Information technology policy and new generation pre-service music teacher practice

Lai Chi Rita YIP, Chi Cheung Lawrence LEUNG, Jihong YE

Research output: Contribution to conferencePapers


Information Technology (IT) has been infiltrating in every aspects of life, revolutionizing different modes of life, and making it inevitable to be incorporated in education. With a vision that it will help to change the future of mankind for good, policies have been set up by governments, institutions including schools to encourage, support, and monitor the applications of it. Viewing the escalating development of mobile technology and the fascination it has in attracting almost everyone to own a computer, a smart phone, and social networking device such as the whatsapp, face book, it is unimaginable to do without this technology in education. The modes of teaching and learning in music education, with its long history of association with different kinds of technology/instruments again have significantly found to be facilitated by the new digital technology. This study explicates how the technology policy in education has been implemented by the new generation pre-service music teachers who have been widely submerged in the sea of the ever changing technology. A total of 40 music lessons delivered by 20 pre-service music teachers, 10 each from hong kong and nanjing are to be observed. An observation form with closed-ended and opened-ended questions related to how the teaching practices of these pre-service teachers have incorporated technologies in their lessons is designed to collect data for analysis. The kinds of technologies used and the effectiveness in facilitating learning are examined. The practices are triangulated with the technology policy of government, regions, and schools in connection to identify issues confronting pre-service music teachers. The aspects which excel in the application of technology by pre-service music teaching practice recognized to include domains in music creating, listening, and performance, as well as assessment would be discussed. The increase in the use of music e-books in primary schools provided by publishers, the incorporation of you-tube videos and self-designed powerpoint presentation files in both primary and secondary school sectors are especially identified in addition to various music related web resources. The effectiveness in teaching and learning however vary from school to school reflecting issues in the infrastructure of technology, provision of adequate hardware/software, as well as student teachers’ proficiency in designing or managing the music lessons.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - Jul 2014


Yip, R., Leung, C.-C., & Ye, J. (2014, July). Information technology policy and new generation pre-service music teacher practice. Paper presented at the 31st International Society for Music Education (ISME) World Conference on Music Education: Listening to the musical diversity of the world, Porto Alegre, Brazil.


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