Implementing new visions of teaching in cultural subjects education

Pui San Suzanne VONG, Kit Oi Eliza AU

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Education reforms have made important structural changes, in particular, the inclusion of Arts Education among the Key Learning Areas in the school curriculum and the launch of a five-year information technology (IT) in education strategy . This has generated the need for a strong field-based leadership that would bring together various stakeholders in education to collaborate on initiatives encouraging and supporting educational innovation in the reformtargeted areas. This paper describes an initiative within the Hong Kong Institute of Education (HKIEd) called Alliance for Educational Innovation which plays a leadership role in implementing new visions of teaching and learning in cultural subjects. It discusses its several lines of work in areas such as teacher collaboratives, professional development, information dissemination, and development of educational technology resources that will contribute to the improvement of cultural subjects education in technology-rich environments.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 2003


Vong, S. P. S., & Au, E. K. O. (2003). Implementing new visions of teaching in cultural subjects education. In K. T. Lee & K. Mitchell (Eds.), International Conference on Computers in Education 2003: A conference of the Asia-Pacific Chapter of the Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education (AACE): The "second wave" of ICT in education: From facilitating teaching and learning to engendering education reform: Proceedings [CD-ROM] (pp. 173-175). Norfolk, VA: Association for the Advance of Computing in Education.


  • Theory and Practice of Teaching and Learning


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