Implementing integrated arts activities in Hong Kong: The learning process of pre-service teacher students

So Fong NGAN, Kit Ling Monica KWOK

Research output: Contribution to conferencePaper


The aim of this paper is to investigate four pre-service teacher students' learning process through designing lesson plan of the integrated arts activities, implementation and reflection. Bloom's Taxonomy was applied to analyze the data that included their different lesson plans, reflection reports and before and after lesson discussions, from which their cognitive, affective and psychomotor would be found. It was a case study of the qualitative research method. The research team involved four pre-service teacher students, two lecturers and one music teacher. The four pre-service teacher students were final year of three programmes at Hong Kong Institute of Education, which were Bachelor of Early Childhood Education, High Diploma of Early Childhood Education and High Certificate of Early Childhood Education. They were grouped into two. Each group selected their own themes which were: 'Alice in Wonderland' and 'Dandelion'. Three integrated arts activities were conducted. Pre-service teacher students had to design lesson plans, prepare teaching resource and work out their reflection reports. Two groups of K.3 children were participated. Since two lecturers and one music teacher were mentoring the four pre-service teacher students, the research team members had to discuss before and after the implementation. Data were the different versions of lesson plan, discussion reports and reflection reports that would be investigated to find out the pre-service teacher students' learning process.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - Dec 2012


student teacher
learning process
Hong Kong
music teacher
university teacher
qualitative method
research method
qualitative research


Ngan, S. F., & Kwok, K. L. M. (2012, December). Implementing integrated arts activities in Hong Kong: The learning process of pre-service teacher students. Paper presented at the Joint International Conference of the Australian Association for Research in Education and the Asia Pacific Educational Research Association (AARE-APERA 2012): Regional and global cooperation in educational research, the University of Sydney, Sidney, Australia.