IBDP 語言 A:文學指南(2019 年版)對香港中學文憑試文學課程的啟示

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國際文憑組織(IBO)於 2019 年頒布最新預科課程大綱,對舊課程進行大幅修訂,並於 2021 年首次進行評估。新大綱「語言 A」三門課程都強調探索語言、文學與表演藝術各種元素,而教學目標、教學大綱和評估都漸趨統一。近年,香港越來越多學校開辦 IB 課程,吸引大量優秀學生報讀。相反,隨着文憑試的推行,修讀中國文學科的學生數目卻連年下降。究其原因,既有新高中學制設計的不足,也因為學生普遍對本地文學課程不感興趣。IB 課程強調「國際情懷」,本地課程重視「文化傳承」,兩者的目標看似大相逕庭。然而,作為國際認可的課程,IB 文學課程實有值得香港借鑑之處。本文擬整理兩者的官方文件,透過文獻比對,分析優劣,並探討未來文憑試文學課程應該如何改革,以回應新時代的需要。
The International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO) published the Language A: literature guide in 2019. The course outline has been revised significantly and the first assessment was conducted in 2021. All three courses of “Language A” emphasize the exploration of language, literature and performing arts. The learning outcomes, the course outlines and the assessment of the three courses were gradually unified. In recent years, more and more schools offered IB courses in Hong Kong which attracted a significant number of high-achieving students to enroll in. On the contrary, there was a decrease in the number of students taking Chinese Literature in HKDSE. It may be attributed to not only the design of the senior secondary curriculum but also the lack of students’ interest in local literature courses. IB courses focus on “international-mindedness” while the local courses focus on “cultural inheritance”. The teaching approaches seem to be entirely different. However, the IBDP, being an international-recognized programme, is worthwhile for Hong Kong to reference. By comparing and assessing the official documents of IBDP and HKDSE, this article will analyze their merits and demerits and discuss how the literature curriculum of the HKDSE should be reformed to cater to the needs of the new era. Copyright © 2022 香港教育大學中國語言學系、哥倫比亞大學中文部、中華書局(香港)有限公司.
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Pages (from-to)127-150
Publication statusPublished - Dec 2022


陳曙光(2022):IBDP 語言 A:文學指南(2019 年版)對香港中學文憑試文學課程的啟示,《國際中文教育學報》,12,頁127-150。


  • 中國文學
  • 文憑試
  • 國際文憑預科課程
  • 語言A
  • Chinese literature
  • Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education Examination (HKDSE)
  • International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP)
  • Language A
  • Alt. title: IBDP language A: Literature Guide(2019)implications to literature curriculum in HKDSE