Grammatical diversity across the Yue dialects

Bit Chee KWOK, Chi On CHIN, Ka Yin Benjamin TSOU

Research output: Chapter in Book/Report/Conference proceedingChapters


There is a general belief that Yue constitutes a highly uniform dialect group, with its members sharing a good number of structures and lexica with the regional prestige dialect, Cantonese. Based on our first hand data collected from the field, this paper describes the lesser known grammatical diversity across the Yue dialects, which can be illustrated by the different uses of the following features: (a) ideophonic suffix; (b) diminutive suffix and tone sandhi; (c) perfective aspect marker and their position in the VP, and (d) neutral question forms. The survey includes nine dialects from different subgroups, most of which are spoken far away from the Pearl River Delta where Cantonese dominates. Our study reveals that while Cantonese has obvious influence over other members of Yue, the grammatical diversity across Yue simply be overlooked. Copyright © 2016 Crane Publishing Company.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationCommemorative essays for Professor Yuen Ren Chao: Father of modern Chinese linguistics
EditorsAndy Chi-on CHIN, Bit-chee KWOK, Benjamin K. TSOU
Place of PublicationTaipei
PublisherCrane Publishing Company
ISBN (Print)9789861477572, 9789861477381
Publication statusPublished - Nov 2016


Kwok, B.-C., Chin, A., & T’sou, B. (2016). Grammatical diversity across the Yue dialects. In A. C.-o. Chin, B.-c Kwok, & B. K. Tsou (Eds.), Commemorative essays for Professor Yuen Ren Chao: Father of modern Chinese linguistics (pp. 243-274). Taipei: Crane Publishing Company.


  • Alt. title: 粵語方言語法的多樣性


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