Genome assembly of the milky mangrove Excoecaria agallocha

Hong Kong Biodiversity Genomics Consortium, Chi Chiu CHEANG

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The milky mangrove Excoecaria agallocha is a latex-secreting mangrove that are distributed in tropical and subtropical regions. While its poisonous latex is regarded as a potential source of phytochemicals for biomedical applications, the genomic resources of E. agallocha remains limited. Here, we present a chromosomal level genome of E. agallocha, assembled from the combination of PacBio long-read sequencing and Omni-C data. The resulting assembly size is 1,332.45 Mb and has high contiguity and completeness with a scaffold N50 of 58.9 Mb and a BUSCO score of 98.4%, with 86.08% of sequences anchored to 18 pseudomolecules. 73,740 protein-coding genes were also predicted. The milky mangrove genome provides a useful resource for further understanding the biosynthesis of phytochemical compounds in E. agallocha. Copyright © 2024 GigaScience Press. All rights reserved.

Original languageEnglish
Early online dateApr 2024
Publication statusE-pub ahead of print - Apr 2024


Hong Kong Biodiversity Genomics Consortium Collaborators, & Cheang, C. C. (2024). Genome assembly of the milky mangrove Excoecaria agallocha. GigaByte. Advance online publication.


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