Gamification of Flipped Classroom: FIBER Vs. G-FIBER

Morris Siu Yung JONG, Gaowei CHEN, Vincent W. L. TAM, Ming Tak HUE, Mengyuan CHEN, Xiaojing WENG

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Our previous work, FIBER (Flipped Issue-Based Enquiry Ride), is a pedagogical framework to integrate FC (Flipped Classroom) into the process of issue-based enquiry learning for social humanities education. This paper presents our recent work, G-FIBER (Gamified-FIBER), in which we have re-worked on FIBER with the infusion of gamified learning. In the evaluative study (with 72 high-school students in Hong Kong), we showed the pedagogical effectiveness of G-FIBER was significantly higher than FIBER's, with a medium-to-large effect size. This re-work contributes to the field with evidence for grounding more future studies on the crossover between FC and gamified learning for advancing students' learning in school education. Copyright © 2021 by The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc. All rights reserved.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationProceedings of 2021 International Symposium on Educational Technology, ISET 2021
EditorsLap-Kei LEE, Fu Lee WANG, Yukari KATO, Yan Keung HUI, Shinichi SATO
Place of PublicationDanvers, MA
ISBN (Electronic)9781665428590
Publication statusPublished - 2021


Jong, M. S.-Y., Chen, G., Tam, V. W. L., Hue, M.-T., Chen, M., & Weng, X. (2021). Gamification of Flipped Classroom: FIBER Vs. G-FIBER. In L.-K. Lee, F. L. Wang, Y. Kato, Y. K. Hui, & S. Sato (Eds.), Proceedings of 2021 International Symposium on Educational Technology, ISET 2021 (pp. 270-274). Danvers, MA: IEEE.


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