From sabbatical to Micronesian-flavored American inclusive education in Guam


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This seminar will begin with sharing on what sabbatical is meant for and experiences of sabbatical leave, followed by the latest study Dr. Poon-McBrayer conducted in Guam as an extension to her GRF project which focuses on leadership of special educational needs coordinators in Hong Kong schools. The Guam study was a pilot to understand inclusive education practices and school leadership in this island territory of the U.S. Guam is heavily influenced by the indigenous Chamorro culture and obliged to comply with American legislation in special education. This part of presentation will focus on the current inclusive education model practiced in Guam as well as the role of school leadership in moving schools toward inclusive education. School leadership to impact the inclusive education practices in Guam has been found to closely tie to district wide directive and legal requirements rather than ideology related to the worldwide trend for inclusive education. Its geographical isolation, limited resources, and restrictions on employment of non-US citizens have also contributed to its shortage of qualified personnel for inclusive education and of producing locally trained personnel. Cross-cultural comparisons between Guam and Hong Kong in key aspects of inclusive education will be made.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 2015


Poon-McBrayer, K. F. (2015, May). From sabbatical to Micronesian-flavored American inclusive education in Guam. Seminar conducted at The EPL Research Seminar, The Hong Kong Institute of Education, China.


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