Flexible learning spaces for early childhood education: Exploring future learning

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With the rapid change of the technological world, educators have been urgently required to appropriately integrate various and innovative digital technologies to support the diverse learning needs of students in Hong Kong. The flexible learning spaces offer multiple opportunities for educators to integrate innovative toolkits to explore students’ potential learning needs, embracing their design thinking and creativity. An exploratory case study approach was adopted to investigate improving students’ learning by using digital technologies in the technology-mediated classroom and develop practical toolkits for educators. Students’ discourses and learning processes were collected as data. Three students aged 6-8 in Hong Kong were invited to participate in this study. Content analysis was employed to analyse the effectiveness of the toolkits on students’ learning modal and engagement. The findings show that digital technologies can help change students’ learning modal from passive to interactive by stimulating multimodal learning, i.e. making an AR vocabulary card required modals of linguistic, gestural, visual, and aural. The toolkits can build multiple learning spaces for design thinking and creativity, i.e. a map and digital story of the ocean were created by using a toolkit composed of 3D printing models, coding robots, and a digital book App.

隨着科技世界日新月異,需要教育工作者整合各種創新數碼科技,以支持年幼學習者的多元化學習需要。靈活的學習空間為教育工作者提供了多種機會,特別是創新工具包,可以用於探索學生的潛在學習需求,提升他們的設計思維和創造力。此研究採用探索性案例研究方法,在技術為媒介的課堂中使用數碼技術來改善學生學習的方法,並嘗試為教育工作者開發實用工具包。研究通過學生的言談分析和學習歷程收集數據,三名6-8歲的香港學生受邀參與這項研究。研究者使用內容分析法來分析工具包和學習空間對學生學習模式和參與的有效性。研究結果表明,數碼技術可以通過刺激多模態學習來幫助學生將學習模態從被動轉變為交互式,即製作需要語言、手勢、視覺和聽覺模態的 AR 詞彙卡。工具包可以搭建多元化的創意學習空間,研究展示1. 3D打印模型、2. 編程玩具和3. 數字圖書App組成的工具包創建了一個關於海洋的學習空間。 Copyright © 2021 Learning and Teaching Expo.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - Dec 2021
EventLearning & Teaching Expo 2021 = 學與教博覽 2021 - , Hong Kong
Duration: 08 Dec 202110 Dec 2021


ConferenceLearning & Teaching Expo 2021 = 學與教博覽 2021
Country/TerritoryHong Kong


Hu, X. Y. A. (2021, December). Flexible learning spaces for early childhood education: Exploring future learning. Paper presented at Learning & Teaching Expo 2021, Hong Kong, China.


  • Alt. title: 靈活的幼兒教育學習空間:探索未來學習


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