Enhancing the pedagogical practices in Hong Kong special schools by the collaborative mode of lesson study

Kok Wai TSANG, Hing Yee TAM, Mei Lan AU, Kuen Fung SIN

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School-based learning community is widely supported by educators as an effective professional development strategy to improve teaching and learning. With reference to the collaborative and supportive features, the professional learning communities (PLCs) are further recognized in schools. Teachers in different schools work collaboratively to solve the actual problems that they come across in their classrooms and improve their teaching practice. With the support of school teachers, education officers and tertiary academics, PLCs was widely adopted as a strategy to enhance teacher professional learning. The tripartite partnership offers a platform for teachers to actively engage in professional sharing about teaching and learning. The paper illustrates the outcome of the lesson study in a two-year project of University-School Support Program (USP). It is evident that the Lesson Study was an effective collaborative mode of professional development for teachers of special schools in Hong Kong.
校本學習社群已被教育界確認為有效的專業發展策略,從而改善學與教問題。就協作及支援的特性,專業學習社群更進一步受學校確認,不同學校的教師一起解決課堂內難題及改善教學。透過學校教師、教育督學及大學學者的共同工作,專業學習社群被確認為有效增進教師的專業學習,能藉三方協作的關係,提供平台,讓教師積極參與學與教的分享。本文報告一項為期兩年的大學-學校支援計劃內的課堂研習,結論顯示課堂研習為特殊學校教師專業發展的有效協作模式。 Copyright © 2013 The Hong Kong Special Education Society.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)21-35
JournalHong Kong Special Education Forum
Publication statusPublished - 2013


Hong Kong
teaching practice
development strategy


Tsang, K. W., Tam, H. Y., Au, M. L., & Sin, K. F. (2013). Enhancing the pedagogical practices in Hong Kong special schools by the collaborative mode of lesson study. Hong Kong Special Education Forum, 15, 21-35.


  • Lesson study
  • Learning circle
  • Special education
  • Collaborative mode
  • Professional development
  • 課堂研習
  • 學習圈
  • 特殊教育
  • 協作
  • 專業發展