Enhancing literacy-rich play in Hong Kong preschool environments

Swee Eng Audrey LIM, Yiu Kong Kenneth TO, Jung Chen Jenny MA, Yuen Wah LAW, Pui Sun Christina CHING

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This paper reports findings from two research projects conducted in Hong Kong. The first study (termed ‘pilot’ study) aimed to obtain baseline data regarding the extent to which the classroom environments of a small representative sample of preschools in Hong Kong are literacy rich. One of the objectives of the second study was also to evaluate the extent of literacy-rich elements in a similar sample of preschool classroom environments before and after intervention. The preschools in the second study were provided with literacy props as a form of intervention. Each preschool centre was provided with one-page sheet with suggestions on how the materials could be used to facilitate literacy elements in children’s dramatic play. Results showed that Hong Kong preschool classroom environments are fairly literacy-enriched but there is little variation in classroom environments by grade level. Implications are drawn from these studies for teachers to foster literacy-rich play environments to encourage meaningful reading and writing activities during play activities.
本文闡述在香港進行的兩項研究報告的結果。首項研究(稱為’實驗’研究)的目的,是從小部分代表的幼稚園/幼兒中心樣本中,就課室環境對增強讀寫能力的影響程度,搜集基本數據。而第二項研究,則是從一些幼稚園課室環境相類的樣本中,評估其促進讀寫能力的元素,在「介入」前後的程度上有何不同。而所指的「介入」,其形式就是為幼童提供讀寫的道具。而每間幼稚園/幼兒中心,還會獲發一頁建議書,就兒童在戲劇遊戲中,可如何運用該些工具增強讀寫能力的元素,提供參考建議。研究結果顯示,香港幼稚園的課室環境,頗能增進幼兒的讀寫能力,但卻很少因應級別的不同而在課室環境上作出變化。這項研究還得出,老師應營造一個有助提高讀寫能力的遊戲環境,以鼓勵幼兒在遊戲活動當中,多參與有意義的讀寫活動。 Copyright © 2003 The Hong Kong Institute of Education.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)44-53
JournalHong Kong Journal of Early Childhood
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - May 2003


Lim, S. E., To, Y. K., Ma, J. C., Law, Y. W., & Ching, P. S. (2003). Enhancing literacy-rich play in Hong Kong preschool environments. Hong Kong Journal of Early Childhood, 2(1), 44-53.


  • Alt. title: 在幼教環境中促進讀寫遊戲活動


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