Enhancing information literacy in Hong Kong higher education through game-based learning

Zongxi LI, Di ZOU, Haoran XIE, Fu Lee WANG, Maiga CHANG

Research output: Chapter in Book/Report/Conference proceedingChapters


With such advantages as being fun, effective and interactive, game-based learning has become a new trend in education field. In the course Web Intelligence (INT 4029), one of the major difficulties for students to complete the assignment and to meet the achievement of the expected learning outcome is the lack of information literacy skills. To facilitate the development of students' information literacy, the present research developed a game based on an online role-playing platform called MEGA World. Twenty students participated in the project. Pre-questionnaire and postquestionnaire surveys were conducted to collect data concerning the students' attitudes towards the game-based learning experience. The results showed that students believed that game-based learning effectively facilitated the development of their information literacy. Copyright © 2018 Global Chinese Society for Computers in Education. All rights reserved.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationThe 22nd Global Chinese conference on computers in education: Conference proceedings
EditorsMorris JONG, Ju Ling SHIH, Chee Kit LOOI, Muxiong HUANG, Xionghui CHEN, Youru XIE, Xuebo ZHANG, Haiyun LI, Yi ZHANG, Daner SUN, Rita KUO, Seng Chee TAN, Wilfred LAU, Haoran XIE, Bo JIANG, Maggie WANG, Shikui TU
Place of PublicationGuangzhou
PublisherSouth China Normal University
Publication statusPublished - 2018


Li, Z., Zou, D., Xie, H., Wang, F. L., & Chang, M. (2018). Enhancing information literacy in Hong Kong higher education through game-based learning. In M. Jong, J. L. Shih, C. K. Looi, M. Huang, X. Chen, Y. Xie, . . . S. Tu (Eds.), The 22nd Global Chinese Conference on Computers in Education: Conference proceedings (pp. 595-598). Guangzhou: South China Normal University.


  • Game-based learning
  • Information literacy
  • MEGA World


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