Enhancing flexible and collaborative learning for pre-service teachers through a web-based learning system

Mee Wah Eugenia NG

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Lifelong and life-wide learning are the foci of learning in an information age. The World Wide Web (Web) is thought to be the driving force behind these changes as it is vast, flexible, and accessible with virtually no boundaries. Although there are many claims of the advantages of using the Web for module deliveries and promoting higher order learning, the results are controversial. The author attempted to examine whether a Web-based learning system could enhance flexible and collaborative learning. The thirty-two participants in the study were pre-service student teachers form the Hong Kong Institute of Education taking Information Technology as one of their minor studies. The module materials, discussion forum and announcements were presented on a dedicated Web site. Participants were encouraged to access this site for learning resources and to communicate using an e-forum. Twelve learners volunteered to attend five focus group meetings to share their experiences and opinions about using the Web. It was observed that they greatly valued the opportunity to use the Web, as it was convenient and flexible. In particular, the e-forum was found to be an invaluable arena for collaborative learning during their teaching practice period when they did not meet each other on campus.
在這個資訊時代,學習的焦點在於終身學習和全方位學習。這些改變的背後,正因為有萬維網的推動。它不但內容豐富、 靈活性高、 用途廣泛,並且毫無邊界上的阻礙。 大部分網上的資訊都能輕易地,快捷地和無拘束地存取。即使網上教學的好處甚多,但研究結果卻是大有分歧的。本文作者嘗試利用網上學習系統,研究其能否提高學習的靈活性和促進共同學習。試驗中有三十二名參加者,他們是就讀於香港教育學院副修資訊科技的職前教師。 所有課程材料,討論室和通告全都放於網站上。作者鼓勵參加者瀏覽網站並使用資源和利用討論室傳遞信息。 十二名學員自願參加五個關注組會議。會議中他們表達使用網上學習系統的經驗和意見。會後學習者一致認為此系統十分方便,靈活及珍惜此次機會使用網上學習系統,而討論室更被視為一個寶貴的渠道,能讓他們互相溝通以促進共同學習。尤其在實習期間,他們難以在校內見面,但能以討論室作為另一種溝通途徑。 Copyright © 2002 The Hong Kong Institute of Education.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)53-63
JournalThe Journal of Quality School Education
Publication statusPublished - Nov 2002


teaching practice
student teacher
Hong Kong
information technology


Ng, E. M.-W. (2002). Enhancing flexible and collaborative learning for pre-service teachers through a web-based learning system. The Journal of Quality School Education, 2, 53-63.


  • Alt. title: 利用網上學習系統提高職前老師的學習靈活性和促進共同學習