English writing anxiety and preservice teacher's written corrective feedback

Qin XIE, Junting YUAN

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This study investigated the English writing anxiety experienced by preservice English as second/foreign language teachers in Hong Kong, and its impact on their written corrective feedback (WCF). A total of 34 highly proficient preservice teachers responded to the Second Language Writing Anxiety Inventory (Cheng, 2004), which measured writing anxiety in three dimensions (i.e., cognitive, somatic and avoidance anxiety). Ten were selected to provide WCF to a sample student writing and receive an individual interview immediately afterwards. Over half of the 34 participants were found suffering from moderate or high levels of writing anxiety, especially in the cognitive dimension. Compared to their less apprehensive peers who adopted more indirect feedback, highly anxious student teachers had a clear preference to direct and comprehensive feedback. Their WCF practices were found affected by five factors, including their conception of English writing, concerns of teacher professional credibility and work ethics, concerns of student cognition and motivation, confidence in students’ ability, and their feedback experience as students and student teacher during teaching practicum. These factors were synthesized into a grounded-theory model of four internal forces that drive student teachers towards either a focus-on-form, direct, comprehensive approach to WCF or a broad-based, indirect and selective approach. Suggestions were made for further research. Copyright © 2020 Qin Xie and Junting Yuan.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)58-84
JournalLanguage Education & Assessment
Issue number2
Publication statusPublished - Dec 2020


Xie, Q., & Yuan, J. (2020). English writing anxiety and preservice teacher's written corrective feedback. Language Education & Assessment, 3(2), 58-84. doi: 10.29140/lea.v3n2.357


  • Second language writing anxiety
  • ESL pre-service teacher
  • Written corrective feedback


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