English language teaching based on genre analysis

Charmini SANDRA-SEGERAM, Swee Eng Audrey LIM

Research output: Contribution to conferencePapers


Genre analysis is a technique of identifying text structure (conventional aspects of language use within a text associated with particular prose types (Bhatia, 1993). Research on reading has shown that 5 different types of expository text structure affect reading comprehension (Meyer, 1982). Students who organized their recall of text according to a text structure remembered more content including main ideas and supporting sentences did better on a True/False test based on content of passage. Freedman (1995) explains what is meant by ‘explicit teaching of genre: explicit discussions specifying the formal features of the genres and/or articulating the underlying rules.’ Coe (1994) has identified several steps in teaching a particular genre. This paper will explore the feasibility of genre analysis as a basis for English language teaching in Secondary and Upper Primary schools. A case will be argued for the use of genre analysis to help students to identify common elements of text organization patterns, language and vocabulary associated with different genres (narrative, descriptive, expository, argumentative) and how teachers can apply genre analysis as a means for the selection of texts appropriate for English language teaching, especially at the Upper primary and beyond, to facilitate reading comprehension and writing. The presentation will outline the steps involved in teaching a particular unit based on the principle of genre analysis.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - Nov 2006


Sandra-Segeram, C., & Lim, S. E. A. (2006, November). English language teaching based on genre analysis. Paper presented at the Asia-Pacific Educational Research Association (APERA) International Conference 2006: Educational Research, Policy and Practice in an Era of Globalization, The Hong Kong Institute of Education, China.


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