English language learning in a one-to-one computing environment: Impacts and considerations

Lee Yong TAY, Jin Sheng NG, Cher Ping LIM, Shanthi Suraj NAIR, Siew Khiaw LIM

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This case study research describes and evaluates the impacts of the learning of English language in an ICT-enriched learning environment, in a primary school under the FutureSchools@Singapore programme. Students from the school are provided with a ratio of one computing device to two students in Primary 1 and subsequently a one-to-one computing learning environment from Primary 2 (i.e. Grade 2) onwards. From Primary 4 onwards, students procure and use their own computing devices. This case study describes how ICT has been used for the teaching and learning of English. The frequency of ICT use in the English classrooms is presented. More importantly, the impacts in terms of the students' ICT skills, English test score and feedback from students involved are also presented and discussed. The students performed well in the ICT skill test. The students also performed relatively well in the English test as compared to a comparable school. In the English test, the ICT-enabled school reported a statistically significant higher mean score than the comparable school; the mean scores were 73.87 and 67.38 between the school and the comparable school, respectively. In general, the students commented that they were satisfied with the use of their notebook computers. They found it interesting, useful and easy to use. However, students complained about computer viruses, small computer screen, battery lifespan, weight of their notebook computers, slow Internet connect speed and Internet connection errors. In the self-reported higher-order thinking questionnaire, no significant difference was found for students' problemsolving and reflective thinking skills between the school in this study and the comparable school. Copyright © 2013 Asia-Pacific Society for Computers in Education.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)385-409
JournalResearch and Practice in Technology Enhanced Learning
Issue number3
Publication statusPublished - Nov 2013


Tay, L. Y., Ng, J. S., Lim, C. P., Nair, S. S., & Lim, S. K. (2013). English language learning in a one-to-one computing environment: Impacts and considerations. Research and Practice in Technology Enhanced Learning, 8(3), 385-409.


  • Evaluation
  • Future schools
  • Impacts
  • One-to-one computing


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