Effective use of robots to enhance the social engagement of children with ASD

Yin Han Eva CHUNG

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Introduction: Therapeutic intervention programs using humanoid robots for children with ASD has been developed rapidly with an aim to improve their social skills and participation. This study aims to develop and test a Robotic Intervention Framework for Children with ASD to ensure the best use of the robots in programs.

Objectives: (1) To build an initial best practice framework based on literature; and (2) to test the initial framework in real practice.

Methods: Part I is a scoping review. This review aimed to identify the core elements conducive to improvement of social engagement among children with ASD.

Part II is the validation of the framework using case study approach. 20 children with ASD received a course of individual-based social skills training program led by an occupational therapist using a humanoid robot. Training procedures followed all elements as stated in the initial framework. Data were collected through: (1) video-recording of all training sessions; (2) interview with the therapists involved and (3) interview with the parents and child.

Results: Three categories of core elements to effective robotic intervention were found: (1) robot-related factors, (2) child-related factors and (3) program-related factors. Instructional style of the human instructor, perceived attractiveness of the robot to the child and the use of a closed-loop mechanism in robots were the most important factors.

Conclusion: A good program design incorporating all essential elements for effective interventions ensures the success of the training program. Copyright © 2021 the author.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - Jun 2021
Event29th National Conference and Exhibition 2021 -
Duration: 23 Jun 202125 Jun 2021


Conference29th National Conference and Exhibition 2021


Chung, E. Y.-H. (2021, June). Effective use of robots to enhance the social engagement of children with ASD. Paper presented at the 29th National Conference and Exhibition 2021, Australia.


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