Drills or plays: Some social implicaitons in PE pedagogy

Chi Tak Arthur WONG

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Personal observations and evaluation reports on teaching practice suggest that PE teachers attending training at the Hong Kong Institute of Education (HKIEd) tend to "over teach" in the sense that they talk too much and put too much emphasis on scientific details such as the mechanical properties of a movement. As more time was spent on explanation and other phases of teaching, learning through play in the applying phase was reduced. Observations also indicated that PE teachers tended to use drills rather than plays or modified games to allow pupils to acquire the criteria performance. A study of 250 lesson plans written by 24 students of an Advanced Certificate of Teacher Education (ACTE) course and 30 students of a Teacher Certificate (TC) course in the HKIEd has also revealed the same tendency. Evidence indicates that the mean time allocation for the applying phase shown by these students is lower than that suggested by textbooks/documents in pedagogy (approximately 50%). "Over teaching" in the above sense may be a socio-political measure in response to the academic movement of our discipline. Drills, which in general facilitate skill refinement, neglect the interest of different ability groups and the two sexes.
根據個人觀察及學生實習教學評估報告所得,香港教育學院體育系學生在實習教學時,一般傾向於「過度講授」,在學習前期花太多時間於某些運動科學知識上(例如某些技巧的力學原理),由於教學上用於講解及其他環節佔用了大部分時間,「技術應用」的機會相應減少。觀察所得亦同時指出,學生在實習教學時亦較喜歡用「操演」的形式,多於讓學生透過實演或模擬遊戲去鞏固有關技術。作者分析24名資深教育証書課程(ACTE)及30名二年制教師証書課程(TC)學生所寫的250份教案,發現學生在課堂上編配予「技術應用」這一環節的時間比率,較一般體育教學文獻所建議的爲低(約課堂時間的50%)。「過度講授」可能是體育界對體育學術化的反響。「操演」有利於技巧的提升,但是忽略了不同技術能力組別及男女之間的興趣差異。 Copyright © 1998 Department of Physical Education, Hong Kong Baptist University.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)42-48
JournalJournal of Physical Education & Recreation (Hong Kong)
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - 1998


Wong, A. C. T. (1998). Drills or plays: Some social implicaitons in PE pedagogy. Journal of Physical Education & Recreation (Hong Kong), 4(1), 42-48. doi: 10.24112/ajper.41200


  • Alt. title: 操演抑或遊戲:體育敎學法的某些社會因素


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