Cyberbullying and values education: Implications for family and school education

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Written by scholars from both the Western and Chinese contexts, this monograph discusses the relation between cyberbullying, socio-emotional-moral competencies, and feasible interventions by integrating values education, and provides future directions in the field of cyberpsychology. Cyberbullying has become a growing concern in the digital age as it brings devastating impacts on its victims. Educating the younger generation, particularly through values education, also known as character, moral, or social-emotional learning, helps equip children and adolescents with the necessary ethical and moral attitudes and foster the necessary socio-emotional competencies for them to navigate the digital world as responsible cyber-citizens. A central focus of the book is intervention and education. Cultivating competencies and responsible use of technology in the younger generation through values education and evidence-based intervention helps combat cyberbullying. Families, schools, and communities can work together with suitable school programmes, teacher education, and parents/school collaboration to help students cope with cyberbullying and create safer online spaces for them. Technology itself is not inherently good or bad but shaped by human choices and values. Supported by empirical evidence and theoretical insights, this book suggests ways to promote moral and emotional skills, foster digital citizenship, and encourage ethical technology design. This book provides a comprehensive understanding of cyberbullying. This timely resource will contribute to creating a safer and more positive online environment for all. It will inform researchers, educators, parents, and the community in combating cyberbullying by enabling children and adolescents to be responsible, ethical, and happy netizens. Copyright © 2024 selection and editorial matter, Angel Nga Man Leung, Kevin Ka Shing Chan, Catalina Sau Man Ng, John Chi-Kin Lee; individual chapters, the contributors.

Original languageEnglish
Place of PublicationAbingdon, Oxon
ISBN (Electronic)9781000995619
ISBN (Print)9781032323299, 9781032323305
Publication statusPublished - 2024


Leung, A. N. M., Chan, K. K. S., Ng, C. S. M., & Lee, J. C.-K. (Eds.). (2024). Cyberbullying and values education: Implications for family and school education. Routledge.


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