Curriculum implementation and teacher professional development


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In Hong Kong, curriculum is centrally developed and teachers are expected to implement it as designed. With few teachers and educators involved during the developmental process and limited efforts to disseminate the curriculum initiatives, teachers are often left to implement the curriculum with little understanding of the rationale of these changes. Successful implementation is, therefore, left with individual teachers. Based on experience and research in areas of (a) curriculum development, (b) implementation of innovation, (c) teacher thinking and teaching, and (d) professional development of teachers, this paper argues for the importance of looking at implementation issues from the eyes of practitioners in schools. Research findings suggesting that teachers’ conceptualization of teaching and the way they carry out their professional duties are influenced by their personal theories and school culture will further be presented. With knowledge and understanding of the social realities of teachers, strategies for effective implementation of educational innovation will be proposed.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 1998


Nicholson, A. Y. W. (1998, November). Curriculum implementation and teacher professional development. Paper presented at the Fourth UNESCO-ACEID International Conference: Secondary Education and Youth at the Crossroads, Bangkok, Thailand.


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