Critical success factors for the implementation of lesson and learning study

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The study aims to identify critical success factors (CSF) for implementing of Lesson and Learning Study for teacher development by comparing and contrasting the Lesson Study in Singapore and the Learning Study in Hong Kong. Identifying the CSF for implementing of Lesson and Learning Study could contribute to cultivate professional learning communities for teacher development. A questionnaire survey was conducted to collect data to explore why and how Learning Study was implemented in schools of Hong Kong. The survey instrument is adopted form Lim et al’s (2011) study entitled taking stock of Lesson Study as a platform for teacher development in Singapore. The result of the survey were compared and contrasted with the findings of Lim et al’s study in the aspects of objectives, processes and outcomes to sort out the CSF for the implementation of the Lesson and Learning study and their effects on teacher development. Results of the study showed that the aim for conducting Lesson and Learning Study of both schools in the regions was mainly focused on students’ learning and outcome. Increasing collegiality among teachers was deliberatively prioritized by schools in Hong Kong for conducting Learning Study, but it is the least priority in conducting Lesson Study in Singapore. Lesson observation and post lesson observation meetings were considered by the teachers of both regions to be effective learning activities for their development. Structured Lesson Study time and reduced workload were ranked as the top supporting components for implementing Lesson and Learning Study respectively, while teacher collaboration was identified as a supporting factor to conducted Learning Study in Hong Kong. Improving the lesson, increasing the understanding of student’s learning process in the subject and offering the opportunity to learn from colleagues and grow professionally were identified to be the common benefits of Lesson and Learning study conducted in the regions. For effectively applied Lesson and Learning Study for teacher development, school leaders should incorporate with structured time and workload reduction into the school plan, cultivate a collaborative culture and ensure that lesson observation and post lesson conferencing are successfully conducted.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - Sep 2013


Cheng, E. C. K. (2013, September). Critical success factors for the implementation of lesson and learning study. Paper presented at the 76th Annual and the World Association of Lesson Studies International Conference 2013, University of Gothenburg, Sweden.


  • Learning study
  • Lesson study
  • Hong Kong
  • Singapore


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