Creative arts in education and culture: Perspectives from greater China

Samuel LEONG (Editor), Bo Wah LEUNG (Editor)

Research output: Book/ReportBooks


This book offers insights into the exciting dynamics permeating creative arts education in the Greater China region, focusing on the challenges of forging a future that would not reject, but be enriched by its Confucian and colonial past. Today’s ‘Greater China’ – comprising China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan – has grown into a vibrant and rapidly transforming region characterized by rich historical legacies, enormous dynamism and exciting cultural metamorphosis. Concomitant with the economic rise of China and widespread calls for more ‘creative’ and ‘liberal’ education, the educational and cultural sectors in the region have witnessed significant reforms in recent years. Other factors that will influence the future of arts education are the emergence of a ‘new’ awareness of Chinese cultural values and the uniqueness of being Chinese. Copyright © 2013 Springer Science+Business Media Dordrecht.
Original languageEnglish
Place of PublicationDordrecht
ISBN (Electronic)9789400777293
ISBN (Print)9789400777286
Publication statusPublished - 2013


Leong, S., & Leung, B. W. (Eds.). (2013). Creative arts in education and culture: Perspectives from greater China. Dordrecht: Springer.


  • Amateur Music Club of Chaozhou Xianshi Music
  • China, Hong Kong, Macao, Tawain arts education
  • Chinese culture and education
  • Confucian education
  • Creative arts education in China
  • Creative arts in Hong Kong
  • Education in Greater China
  • Greater China colonial education
  • Hakka Folk Song
  • Hong Kong composers
  • Liberal arts education in China
  • Music education in China
  • Visual culture through the Chines liqi
  • Xibe music culture in Northwest China school


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