Clones, drones and dragons: Ongoing uncertainties around successful school leadership

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The purpose of this paper is to share the early experiences and challenges faced by the Institute of Teacher Education Malaysia (IPGM) in its effort to transform teacher training colleges producing teachers with certificates and diploma qualification into teacher training institutes producing teachers with first degrees. IPGM is an agency within the Ministry of Education Malaysia responsible for training primary school teachers. There are 27 branches throughout Malaysia with a capacity of 3,600 lecturers and over 30,000 trainees. The framework applied in the transformation of IPGM into university is the concept of change management and Leithwood’s (2006) leadership practices model. The leadership model suggested four aspect of practices, (1) Setting Directions (Motivation), (2) Developing People (Ability), (3) Redesigning the Organization (Setting), and (4) Managing the Core (Stability). Our initial experience indicated that the actual application is not in a linear manner beginning from 1 to 4 as suggested in the model but rather happened simultaneously in accordance to the priority of actions suggested in the model. One of the major challenges faced in the early implementation of the transformational move was on managing the professionals and the organizational distractors of change.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 2011



Walker, A. (2011, March). Clones, drones and dragons: Ongoing uncertainties around successful school leadership. Paper presented at Asia Leadership Roundtable 2011, Bangkok, Thailand.