Building a higher education pipeline: Sociocultural and critical approaches to ‘internationalisation’ in teaching and research

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This article discusses the use of critical and sociocultural approaches to more dynamically ‘internationalise’ higher education in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of China. The article explores the integration of critical pedagogy and sociocultural learning theory in developing more engaging and rigorous education practices for tertiary institutions that are looking to steer their campuses towards international standards in education for the shorter and longer term. This article’s specific context is a program that helps develop diverse undergraduates to be more effective teachers and researchers and be concerned with addressing social justice issues in their work and everyday lives. Through what can be called an educational pipeline that begins with undergraduates and branches off into teaching, postgraduate studies, and research, this article discusses sustainable contributions that can be made to ‘internationalisation’ when the pipeline is grounded in pedagogies and methodologies which help to develop educational equity and a more humanising education.
本文探討於中華人民共和國香港特別行政區內,以社會文化及批判性方法促使國際化高等教育。本文研究在制定具吸引力和嚴謹性的高等院校教育方案,藉批判教育學(critical pedagogy)和社會文化學習理論的整合,從而指引院校達成短期和長期的國際化教育標準。本文基於一個為培養來自不同背景本科生成為具影響力的教師和研究員的計劃。計劃重點包括讓相關本科生在日常生活和工作上重視及應對的社會公義議題。本文藉教育管道為方針,探討持續地將高等教育「國際化」。所謂的教育管道,由本科生作開端,向教學、研究生及研究等領域邁進。其基於教育法和方法論基礎之上,有助於建立教育公平和更人性化的教育。 Copyright © 2017 Hong Kong Teachers’ Centre.
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JournalHong Kong Teachers’ Centre Journal
Publication statusPublished - 2017


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Chang, B. (2017). Building a higher education pipeline: Sociocultural and critical approaches to ‘internationalisation’ in teaching and research. Hong Kong Teachers’ Centre Journal, 16, 1-25.


  • Tertiary education
  • Curriculum
  • Teacher education
  • Reflexivity
  • Hong Kong
  • 高等教育
  • 課程
  • 教師教育
  • 反思理論
  • 香港
  • Alt. title: 建立高等教育的管道:以社會文化及批判性方法促「國際化」教學和研究