Beliefs and values of a kindergarten teacher in enhancing young children’s musical creativity

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Teachers' beliefs, values and pedagogy are important in children’s learning because beliefs are a major determinant of teachers’ behaviour when making classroom decisions (Fang, 1996; Kagan, 1992; Pajares, 1992; Yonemuram 1986). Teaching is very much determined by the values and beliefs of individual teacher, and particularly includes the teaching of music (Gray & MacGregor, 1991). If teachers believe in the importance of musical play, or understanding ways in which it may be promoted to enhance children’s musical learning and creativity, it will become a component of their pedagogy. Beliefs about content, pedagogy and child development determine the way teachers enact the teaching and learning of music in their classrooms (Lau, 2007). Participants in this study included a kindergarten teacher teaching in nursery class who was selected from a focus group interview for the case study. A group of 18 young children, aged from 3-4, in the classroom of the case study teacher are also invited. Children were observed with their peers and teachers in the free play music activities. Data were collected through observations, video-recording, photographs and teacher interview. Results revealed that the teacher used various strategies and ways to scaffold children’s learning experiences during children’s creative musical play. From the teacher interview, the case study teacher disclosed more deeply her belief and value that a supportive environment with resources could enhance young children’s musical creativity. Copyright © 2008 New Horizons in Education.
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Publication statusPublished - 2008



Lau, W. C. M. (2008, November). Beliefs and values of a kindergarten teacher in enhancing young children’s musical creativity. Paper presented at the Asia-Pacific Educational Research Association (APERA) Conference 2008: Educational Research for Innovation & Quality in Education: Policy & Pedagogical Engagements Across Contexts, National Institute of Education, Singapore.