Art in the community: What have we learned and achieved in the knowledge transfer activities?

Siu Han Anissa FUNG, Hok Kan CHUI, Yat Tai TANG, Mei Sze TONG

Research output: Other contribution


The 21st century education puts great emphasis on fostering knowledge transfer (KT) ability in learners. The Hong Kong Institute of Education regards KT activities highly and as important community services and means to enhance students’ total learning experiences. To prepare engaging, reflective and resourceful art teachers, we perceive having our student-teachers interact with the real world through participation in social and community development activities. Consequently, their perception, reflection and value towards life and career are broadened and enhanced. Concurrently, the collaborative parties such as the social groups, organizations and school participants also benefit from the student-teachers’ effort, inspiration and innovative ideas. Based on these premises the Visual Arts Education and Community Development Project (VAECD) was initiated and with a donation of HK$5 million, it funds visual arts KT activities in which teaching staff and students conduct applied research on creative arts and art education, initiate educational projects and services, set up and learn about small scale art/craft business enterprises. The review of the Project shows the three parties involved: the activity participants, the student-teachers, and the teaching staff have all attained quality learning. In the seminar, Dr. Anissa Fung, the VAECD Project Leader and the Student Project Leaders will share their experiences and outcome. Copyright © 2010 The Hong Kong Institute of Education.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - Feb 2012


knowledge transfer
art education
community development
student teacher
development project
business enterprise
community service
social development
Hong Kong


Fung, A., Chui, H. K., Tang, Y. T., & Tong, M. S. (2012, February). Art in the community: What have we learned and achieved in the knowledge transfer activities?. Sharing sessions conducted at the knowledge transfer (KT) sharing sessions, The Hong Kong Institute of Education, China.