Are creative teens melancholic?

Cecilia CHEUNG, Jorge MONROY, Danielle DELANY, Yuen Man Rebecca CHEUNG

Research output: Other contributionOther contributions


To examine the personality and affective correlates of creativity, 499 American and Chinese adolescents (age: 11-13) completed surveys and creativity assessment. In the United States, creative adolescents tend to be extraverted, conscientious, and affectively positive. In contrast, creativity was associated with negative affectivity among adolescents in China. Copyright © 2017 29th Association for Psychological Science Annual Convention (APS).
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - May 2017


Cheung, C., Monroy, J., Dekany, D., & Cheung, R. (2017, May). Are creative teens melancholic? Poster presented at the 29th Association for Psychological Science Annual Convention (APS), Sheraton Boston Hotel, Boston, MA, USA.


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