Applicability of leadership capacities in school management

Shun Wing NG

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Education Bureaus in various regions have developed professional development programs to provide aspiring school leaders with the support they need to be successful. In Hong Kong, newly appointed principals and aspiring principals are required to have a good mastery of leadership capacities for the new paradigm of education development in the century. This paper aims to examine 188 senior teachers’ perception on how useful and applicable their learnt leadership skills in their leadership positions in schools. A questionnaire consisting of 24 questions in six core areas of leadership was constructed and mailed to the samples two years after they were awarded the Certificate for Principalship. Findings demonstrated that most of the aspirants found that leadership capacities of ‘strategic direction and policy environment', and ‘quality assurance and accountability' were more useful and applicable to their leadership positions in school than those in the leadership areas of ‘teacher professional growth and development', ‘external communication and connection to the outside world', ‘learning, teaching and curriculum', and ‘staff and resources management’.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - Jun 2013
EventThe Academic Forum: Summer 2013 Conference - , Canada
Duration: 26 Jun 201326 Jun 2013


ConferenceThe Academic Forum: Summer 2013 Conference


Ng, S. W. (2013, June). Applicability of leadership capacities in school management. Paper presented at The Academic Forum: Summer 2013 Conference, Hotel Manoir Victoria, Old Quebec, Canada.


  • School leadership
  • Leadership capacities
  • Hong Kong
  • School management


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