Analysis and discussion of the content of pre-service teachers’ Chinese language teaching methodology learning portfolios

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The greatest difficulty in educating pre-service teachers is cultivating their ability to reflect on the learning in course work and apply this reflection in their teaching. Many academic articles have shown that organised learning portfolios can help pre-service teachers reflect and improve their teaching. This study focused on 20 pre-service teachers who studied the Chinese Language Teaching Methodology I module of the Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PGDE) at The Education University of Hong Kong (EdUHK). They were asked to develop organized learning portfolios for use in their study programme (the first phase) and during field experience when they practise teaching (the second phase). The aim of the study was to explore the content of pre-service teachers’ learning portfolios. The research methodology focused on document analyses of artefacts and reflection reports in the portfolios. The study found that the learning portfolios could help teacher educators understand what the pre-service teachers had learnt in the lessons and the problems they encountered. In teaching reading, most pre-service teachers grasped how to help students understand the content of the passages, vocabulary, and sentence structure. However, they still lacked confidence in teaching different writing skills and rhetoric, and helping students deepen their understanding of 146 passages. The study also found the pre-service teachers’ reflections were generally limited to analysing the strengths and weaknesses of lessons and seldom included suggestions for improving future practice.
教師培訓課程最大的困艱是培養準教師如何將課堂所學應用在實際教學中,如何幫助他們從反思中學習。很多文獻指出組織學習檔案能幫助準教師反思,改善教學。本研究的研究對像是20 名在香港教育大學修讀「中國語文教學法 I」的中文科準教師,他們須在大學課堂 (第一階段) 和實習期間 (第二階段) 建立學習檔案。研究旨在分析和探討準教師的學習檔案內容。研究方法採用檔分析,分析檔案中的顯證和反思報告。研究發現學習檔案能幫助導師暸解準教師的課堂所學和實踐教學時遇到的問題。準教師能掌握讀文教學中的理解課文,釋詞和句式的教法,但部分準教師對形式和內容深究教學仍欠信心。研究又指出準教師的反思只側重分析教學的優點和不足,較缺乏提出改善的建議。 Copyright © 2018 The Education University of Hong Kong.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)145-165
JournalInternational Journal of Chinese Language Education
Publication statusPublished - Dec 2018



Liu, P. L. (2018). Analysis and discussion of the content of pre-service teachers’ Chinese language teaching methodology learning portfolios. International Journal of Chinese Language Education, 4, 145-165.


  • Chinese language teaching methodology
  • Learning portfolios
  • Preservice teachers
  • Reflection
  • 中國語文教學法
  • 學習檔案
  • 準教師
  • 反思
  • Alt. title: 析論準教師「中國語文教學法」學習檔案的內容