An investigation of the impact of teaching style on students’ social competence

Wing Lam KWOK

Research output: ThesisHonours Projects (HP)


The proposed study is designed to investigate the influence of teaching styles on students’ social competence and mainly focuses on student-centered approach and teacher-centered approach. The students’ social competence in different countries is compared based on their education culture and teaching style. Although the literature has demonstrated clear relations between education culture and teaching styles, little research has been conducted to explore the impact of teaching style on students’ social competence. An experiment will be conducted, and the participants will be 40 primary students in junior classes. Questionnaires will be used to evaluate the changes on students’ social competence. The measuring tool is The Perceived Social Competence Scale (PSCS) which can question students’ prosocial behaviors, communication skills, and self-control. One-way ANOVA with repeated measures will be used to analyze to compare the social competence of students under different teaching styles. Statistical analysis revealed that the social competence scores of students under student-centered and teacher-centered teaching style are significantly different. Some factors such as gender difference and family income are considered in the analysis.

The proposed study will enhance the understanding of the importance of teaching styles. Student-centered approach develops an environment that creates desired children’s social behaviors. It is preferred that the results of this study can update schools’ and educators’ policies on classroom management.
Original languageEnglish
QualificationBachelor of Education (Honours)
  • TO, Hing Kwan, Alastair 陶慶焜, Supervisor
Publication statusPublished - 2023


  • Honours Project (HP)
  • Bachelor of Education (Honours) (Primary) – General Studies and Mathematics (Five-year Full-time)
  • Programme code: A5B058MA
  • Course code: PSY4041


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