An impact of teaching practice: Perceptions of teacher competence among student-teachers

Wing Mui Winnie SO, May Hung May CHENG, Chiao Liang Joseph TSANG

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The focus of the present study is on student-teacher development as reflected by their perceived teacher competence. The instrument measures the student-teacher's perception on his/her abilities and skills and has been tested as reliable in the pilot study in June, 1995. The indicators of the instrument are divided into four domains, viz. Classroom, School, Community and Professional. In the pilot study, student teachers are found to be very optimistic about their performance while replicates findings in other studies (Weinstein, 1982). The subjects of the present study are the final year students of the Certificate in Primary Education (Chinese) (2-year Full-time) Course. We aim to capture the difference in their perception before and after their teaching practice in Novemeber, 1995. Findings reveal that student-teachers tend to perceive themselves as more competent before the teaching practice. A strong influence of the personal factor of the student teacher in the perception of competence is shown. Implications for teacher education programmes are identified and the paper concludes with inspirations for further study.
研究的重點是從自覺教師勝任度反映師範生的成長。較早時進行的領示研究確定了量度工具的信度。量度工具把自覺教學能力分為教室、學校、社會和專業四個範籌。領示研究與其他研究 (Weinstein, 1982) 不謀而合地顯示出師範生對自我教學表現有著樂觀的評價。研究對象是二年制小學教育證書課程的畢業班同學。研究旨在探討他們的自覺教師勝任度在教學實習前後的改變。師範生一般在教學實習前對自己的勝任度有較高的評價,唯在教學實習後會自覺具較低的教學能力。導師對同學在實習期間的教學能力評估相對地更低。文中更找出了研究結果對教師教育的含意並建議了進一步研究的方向。 Copyright © 1996 香港中文大學香港教育研究所.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)45-56
JournalJournal of Primary Education
Issue number1&2
Publication statusPublished - May 1996


So, W.-M., Cheng, M.-H., & Tsang, C.-L. (1996). An impact of teaching practice: Perceptions of teacher competence among student-teachers. Journal of Primary Education, 6(1/2), 45-56.


  • Student teacher
  • Teaching practice
  • Perceived teacher competence
  • Alt. title: 教師實習對師範生自覺教師勝任度的影響


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