Aims of education and teaching modes in Hong Kong

Kam Wing Paul CHAN

Research output: Contribution to conferencePapers


Rapid changes have been taken place in Hong Kong since the hand-over of the sovereignty to China in 1997. These changes are far-reaching including the social, cultural economic and political aspects. There is a need to cultivate the kind of people who are creative, knowledgeable and multi-talented for Hong Kong to increase its competitiveness and continue its prosperity. In view of the situation, the Education Commission, the education policy maker of Hong Kong, published a Consultative Document in 1999 namely, Education Blueprint for the 21st Century, Review of Academic System: Aims of Education to review the education aims to enhance the quality of education to meet the challenge. The overall aims of education as stated in the Document are “to enable everyone to develop to their full potential in all areas covering intellect, and social skills, so that each individual is …… ; filled with self-confidence and team spirit; …….” Furthermore, the Document stresses school education should cater for individual differences, foster students positive attitude and increase their motivation as well as creativity. The present paper aims to examine the Document and government archives with the attempt to recommend some teaching modes which are effective to achieve the aims at the stage of school education, excluding the stages of early childhood education and tertiary education. Features of various teaching modes will be analysed and compared to find out the suitable modes.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 1999


Chan, K. W. (1999, December). Aims of education and teaching modes in Hong Kong. Paper presented at the MERA-ERA Joint Conference 1999: Educational Challenge in the New Millennium, Malaysia.


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