Aerobics training effect to female health conditions and its experiment

Yanan LI, Wei Dong LI

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The aim of this study was to: 1) Compared with the frequency and time index of the common disease in female students who never had done amateur exercise, and there is a different in this crowd. 2) Whether the physique and health index of this crowd are different from other female without amateur exercise. 126 female participants and divided into three groups according to different training level: Non-exercise (NE), short training (ST), and long training (LT,). A 20-items questionnaire was used to exam female’ health conditions and types of sickness. The results showed: 1) frequency of rachitic, rhinitis and pneumonia were slight different between NE and ST. 2) Rest heart rate had a tendency of decrease for NE and LT. diastolic pressure was gradually reduced, and systolic pressure was increased slightly. 3) Frequency of getting cold/flu was remarkably decreased between ST and LT. 4) Joint soreness and muscular soreness for LT were significantly reduced. 5) Frequency of having neurasthenia was also reduced greatly. ST participants’ system of neurasthenia had no significant improvement. 6) Frequency of dysmenorrheal were greatly reduced for LT. 7) In terms of nutritious, both ST and LT showed a good appetite. There was no significant difference between the LT and NE in selecting nutritious food. 8) There is no difference in BMI and BFR between ST and LT. 9) The rate of dystrophy in LT was nearly the same. But P-value was very low. The finding indicated the types of sickness among different training levels, and aerobic exercise can significant promote health conditions in female students who participate in Aerobic exercises for a longer time.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - Aug 2005


Li, Y., & Li, W. (2005, August). Aerobics training effect to female health conditions and its experiment. Paper presented at the 15th International Association of Physical Education and Sport for Girls and Women Congress, Edmonton, Canada.


  • Technical and Special Education
  • Development of Disciplinary Knowledge (e.g. Sociology, Psychology)


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