A profile of listening in Chinese language learning in Hong Kong junior secondary education

Yee Man CHEUNG, Yin Kum LAW

Research output: Book/ReportBook


The research consists of two stages. Stage one is questionnaire survey conducted to collect information about Chinese Language teachers' views and the current practice of listening in the early secondary schooling. Stage two is listening materials analysis. Sets of exercises which are commonly used by schools as the materials for listening practice are qualitatively examined. The findings reveal that Listening learning has its place in the Chinese curriculum (Forms I-V). However, there is insufficient amount of time devoted to Listening learning in the classroom in the Junior Secondary. Chinese language teachers rely heavily on using the listening materials which are prepared by street bookshops for their students' listening practice. Moreover, the exercises focus on developing the students' ability to understand fully the listening texts' literal meanings. In view of this, since most of the Chiense language teachers show a very positive attitude to their students' Listening learning, they are recommended to choose a variety of listening exercises from different listening materials and for different secondary levels (Forms I-III) to achieve good listening practice. Copyright © 1998 The Hong Kong Institute of Education.
Original languageEnglish
PublisherHong Kong Institute of Education
Publication statusPublished - 1998


secondary education
Hong Kong


Cheung, Y. M., & Law, Y. K. (1998). A profile of listening in Chinese language learning in Hong Kong junior secondary education. Hong Kong: Centre for Research and Development, Hong Kong Institute of Education.


  • Chinese language
  • Study and teaching (Secondary)
  • Hong Kong