A pilot study on mindfulness-intervention and well-being, attention level and stress level of Hong Kong students

Ngar Sze Elsa LAU

Research output: Contribution to conferencePaper


Recent research reports revealed that Hong Kong young people are found to have difficulties in focusing on learning and other activities. Increasing number of young people committing suicide caused by stress and depression is a concerned issue in the society. High stress level, low attention level and depression are threatening factors of holistic learning, while well-being, high attention level and relaxation are optimal conditions for holistic and effective learning. In the past decades, mindfulness that is a meditation skill has been broadly adapted and implemented as an effective healing tool for general public and chronic patients to cope with stress and negative emotions in the clinical world in the West. Mindfulness has recently been introduced into schools to promote well-being, spirituality, stress reduction and learning effectiveness. Curriculum design and leadership training incorporating mindfulness for effective learning in different ways have been also adapted in tertiary, secondary and primary schools in the West. However, there is no published research has examined the effects of mindfulness on attention level, stress level and well-being of students in Asia as well as Hong Kong. In this pilot study, well-being, attention level and stress level of student teachers and senior secondary school teachers in Hong Kong will be examined and analyzed. It is hypothesized that a six-week mindfulness-intervention program designed for participants in this study will promote well-being, attention level and stress reduction. Effects on practicing mindfulness of Hong Kong students will be assessed by valid measurements before and after intervention.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 2009


Hong Kong
secondary school teacher
student teacher
primary school
secondary school


Lau, N. S. E. (2009, February). A pilot study on mindfulness-intervention and well-being, attention level and stress level of Hong Kong students. Paper presented at the Asia-Pacific Conference on Children's Spirituality, The Hong Kong Institute of Education, China.