A novice teacher’s practical theory of integrating Language Arts (LA)


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Previous studies have shown that teacher cognitions and practices in curriculum innovations can be inconsistent. This article describes the practical theory of a novice teacher in Hong Kong in reacting to the introduction of Language Arts (LA) elective modules in the New Senior Secondary (NSS) English Language Curriculum in Hong Kong by exploring her stated cognitions and observed practices as well as the factors mediating them. Data included an open-ended interview, 10 lesson observations and post-lesson interviews, as well as documentary analysis of the teaching and learning materials used. Analysis of the interview data showed evidence of a personal practical theory which recognises the merit of LA integration. The observation showed significant discrepancies between the teachers’ stated cognitions and the observed practices. Both her cognitions and practices were influenced by her understanding of LA derived from her previous learning experiences, the context in which she worked, students’ reactions; striking a balance between the creative and imaginative appeal of LA texts and grammatical accuracy in the exams in particular may have contributed to the divergence between cognitions and practices. Copyright © 2018 Asia TEFL.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - Jun 2018


Cheung, A. (2018, June). A novice teacher’s practical theory of integrating Language Arts (LA). Paper presented at the 16th Asia TEFL International Conference: English Language Teaching in the Changing Glocalised World: Research and Praxis, University of Macau, Macau, China.


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