A new approach to arts policy formulation that directly supports the arts and cultural identity in Hong Kong

Hilary Louise DU CROS, Samuel LEONG

Research output: Contribution to conferencePaper


Urban planning, tourism, arts and heritage management research concerns have moved closer together in the last few years in response to the growing need for better public policies on ensuring livable and vibrant cities into the future. Worldwide, various policies have tried to encourage or instill the right conditions towards the transformation of international cultural cities. Mostly, these cities that attract strong private-sector tourism investment and feature a history-rich quarter with clusters of art-related businesses bring vibrancy back to economically depressed zones where industries have moved away (as in Hong Kong). Studies of those cities with historic quarters or post-industrial zones have also found that those with cultural policies closely connected to a place’s cultural identity have added to area revitalization for the local community as well as city re-imagineering for boosting its tourism. This paper argues that Hong Kong’s cultural and arts policy developers need to look at prominent examples of cultural cities that have become genuinely ‘creative’ by enhancing conditions which allow local arts and heritage to prosper. It will also outline what elements are already present in the community and what still needs to be developed through new arts and heritage education programs. A model will be discussed that could assist policy makers in understanding what conditions are needed to support art clusters, local heritage arts, heritage area conservation and art education programs in enhancing Hong Kong’s unique cultural identity.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 2011



Du Cros, H., & Leong, S. (2011, May). A new approach to arts policy formulation that directly supports the arts and cultural identity in Hong Kong. Paper presented at the Asian Conference on Arts and Humanities Official Conference (ACAH 2011): Ancient and Modern' and 'Journeys of Discovery, Osaka, Japan.


  • Arts policy
  • Cultural cities
  • Cultural identity
  • Globalization