A model for using research to promote change in teacher education students

Derek SANKEY, Elizabeth Jean MELLOR, Sharon Lynne BRYANT

Research output: Contribution to conferencePaper


The practical issue for many teacher educators is how to effect change at both the micro and macro levels in education in Hong Kong. Within Hong Kong there is a perception that change is necessary and that traditional ways of teaching and learning are no longer able to maintain Hong Kong’s position into the 21st Century. The questions then become: how does one bring about change at both the macro and micro levels, within the system as a whole and with in individual teachers? How cans one break into the circle of self-perpetuating traditional practice within schooling and teacher education? Is it possible to educate teachers who will not simply duplicate traditional practices when they are appointed to their posts in schools? How can student teachers be encouraged to critically examine deeply established preconceptions of what it really means to be teacher in Hong Kong and become willing agents of change? How does ones create enough but not too much discomfort with the status quo?
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - Feb 1999


Hong Kong
macro level
micro level
student teacher


Sankey, D., Mellor, E. J., & Bryant, S. L. (1999, February). A model for using research to promote change in teacher education students. Paper presented at the International Conference on Teacher Education 1999: Teaching Effectiveness and Teacher Development in the New Century, Hong Kong Institute of Education, China.