A holistic innovation school: A report on a case study of school development

Wai Bing YU

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There are two primary foci in this research: 1. Investigation of the changes in a school with a declining number of students and a new principal who aimed at school improvement; 2. Analysis of the relationship between teachers’ professional and school development. The study suggests that the following five school-based characteristics were major factors contributing to the school’s improvement during the year: 1. The school reform was wide-ranging, encompassing changes in both the external image of the school and the internal learning atmosphere and teacher-student relationships. 2. The introduction of the new approach to teaching and learning – the holistic innovative approach – related theory and practice. Thus, on the one hand, teachers reskilled themselves during the paradigm shift; and on the other hand, students experienced feelings of success in the classroom. 3. The reform prioritized teachers’ professional improvement as the first objective of school improvement, and a humane organizational culture was developed to actualize the idea of teacher-driven school development. 4. The principal’s experience and knowledge in school development, and his caring leadership style, suited the school’s present situation; 5. A teachers’ professional interflow network was built up in school to provide professional back-up through frequent co-teaching and class observations with experienced external teachers. To conclude, students’ awareness of changes in teaching methods and teacher-student relationships, and the learning atmosphere in the school, underline the importance of teacher development to school development. To evaluate the process of school development in the case, the researcher suggests a key element for further development. Based on the holistic innovative approach, the school should transform itself into an effective learning organization – a “quality holistic innovative school” with an enjoyable and knowledgeable learning environment provided to the students.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 2005


Yu, W. B. (2005, December). A holistic innovation school: A report on a case study of school development. Paper presented at Faculty of Education of CUHK 40th Anniversary International Conference: Developing Teacher Leadership and Education Partnership in the Face of Education Reform, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, China.


  • School improvement
  • Teachers' professional development
  • Leadership


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