A global view for music education: Diversity, evolution and innovation in music

Chi Cheung Lawrence LEUNG

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Many western countries with multi-cultural population have promoted multi-cultural music education for years while in countries with colonial, post-colonial experience and high western impact, educators in general prompt for bi-cultural music education which stresses the co-existence of the European (or Western) music tradition and the music tradition of their own countries. Parallel with the development in music, the popularity and globalization trend of popular music around the world led to the issue of the fading out of many folk music traditions, and also posed challenges to the existence of the European/Western classical tradition. Popular music started to be included in the music curriculum. Meanwhile, new musical developments apart from the main stream or the established musical art forms, particularly among the young generation, emerge in mixed, hybrid, new and innovative styles. Music and culture co-exist, interact, and affect each other timely forming a complex ecology which evolves in diversity and innovation. This presentation challenges to discuss the phenomenon of diversity, evolution and innovation in music in order to develop a global view on the learning and teaching of music for educators to consider. Here I propose to identify music in three domains from six perspectives: Domain One: Diversity 1. Local, national, regional to global 2. Present, recent past to ancient time Domain Two: Evolution 3. Aural, literate tradition to in-between forms 4. Self-expression, entertainment to commercial activities Domain Three: Innovation/creativity 5. Skill-, context- to creativity-based 6. Integration, fusion to innovation The six perspectives in music from different traditions in time and in place form a complex ecology. They at times overlap and cross-over each other in different aspects. They do not serve to give a clear boundary or even definition but rather for discussion to follow.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - Oct 2014


Leung, C. C. (2014, October). A global view for music education: Diversity, evolution and innovation in music. Paper presented at the 2014 Hirosaki University International Symposium (平成26年度第7回弘前大学国際シンポジウム): Proposing a New Music Education View through Non-European Sound Practices, Hirosaki University, Aomori, Japan.


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