A conceptual framework of psychological ownership in entrepreneurship education

Wing Yan Thomas MAN

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It is generally agreed that the effective implementation of entrepreneurship education is associated with the employment of constructivist, learner-centred approaches, and more specifically, through authentic and experiential learning with an emphasis on social interaction in the learning process. Nevertheless, little attention has been paid to the internal psychological state of the participants. It is suggested that this potentially critical consideration in entrepreneurship education can be conceptualized and studied with the construct of psychological ownership, which is believed to have a significant role in the learning process of entrepreneurship education. Given this consideration, the main purpose of this paper is to develop a conceptual framework explaining the formation and roles of psychological ownership among the participants of entrepreneurship education. Based on a literature review, this conceptual framework is developed highlighting the structural characteristics of an entrepreneurship education activity, the group social process of the participating team and participants’ individual perception as the antecedents of psychological ownership, as well as participants’ motivation for learning, attitudes and behaviours as the consequences. This conceptualization is significant in addressing an important element that triggers motivation and participation in learning in entrepreneurship education. Therefore, it provides useful insights in the design and implementation of future entrepreneurship education activities. Further studies can be in the form of comparative case studies for exploring how the different teaching and learning approaches of entrepreneurship education are related to the levels of psychological ownership. Quantitative studies for examining the effects of the antecedents of psychological ownership and its impact on motivation for learning are also suggested.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 2010


Man, T. W. Y. (2010, October). A conceptual framework of psychological ownership in entrepreneurship education. Paper presented at the International Management Education Conference 2010 (iMEC2010), Mahkota Hotel, Malacca, Malaysia.


  • Psychological ownership
  • Entrepreneurship education
  • Conceptual framework


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