A community-based survey on cardiovascular health status among residents in a Wuhan district in China

Wing Hung Janet SIT, Sek Ying CHAIR, Sijian LI, Man Yee Emmy WONG, Yanling ZHENG, Kwok Shing Thomas WONG

Research output: Contribution to conferencePaper


Objective: ftus study aimed to (1) cstniute the prevalence and distribution of cardiovascular risk factors among community-dwelling Wuhan residents and to (2) quantify the proportion of those who are at high risk for CVD. Methods: In this cross-scaiorul study, stratified random sampling was condoned. Commtmiry-dwelling residents aged between 35-74 years were obtained from 8 suburbs in Wuhan, China. Trained researchers using staindardized questionnaire and protocol for physical assessment, anthropometric measurements and finger prick blood tests conducted data collection. A quantitative composite CVD clustering score ranging from 0-9 were used to identify high-risk group. Results: 1273 subjects completed the study (response rate was 87%), Mean age was 51.31 (SD=11.57). Known hisrory of hypertension, coronary artery disease, diabetes and stroke were 25.1%, 9.6%, 9.5% and 3.4% respectivefy. 73.7% of subjecls aged 35-74 yrs have at least one of the following CVD risk factors: Dyslipidaemia; elevated blood pressure; above optimal blood sugar level; current smoking; overweight. Clustering of 2 and 3 or more of these risk factors was noted in 24.7% and 14.9% respectively. Particularly there was significantly higher prevalence of ≥3 risk factors clustering in subjects age ≥65 (23.9%) as comparing with middle-age group (age 45-64) (18%) and younger age group (age <45) (7.2%) (X² = 97.31, df=D6, p < 0.001). There is no significant gender difference in this aspect. Conclusion: As CVD have a multifactorial etiology, clustering of CVD risk factors can be used as a basis for identifying high risk groups.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - Mar 2011


Health Status
Cluster Analysis
Age Groups
Independent Living
Hematologic Tests
Blood Glucose
Coronary Artery Disease
Research Personnel
Surveys and Questionnaires
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Sit, W. H. J., Chair, S. Y., Li, S., Wong, E. M. Y., Zheng, Y., & Wong, K. S. T. (2011, March). A community-based survey on cardiovascular health status among residents in a Wuhan district in China. Paper presented at the CUHK-Mayo Clinic-Asia Cardiovascular Summit, Prince of Wales Hospital, Hong Kong, China.