A case study of teacher learning in an assessment for learning project in Hong Kong

Yee Fan Sylvia TANG, Pui Wan Pamela LEUNG, Wai Kwan Alice CHOW, Ping Man WONG

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Changes in assessment practices in the direction of assessment for learning (AfL) can be a powerful force to enhance student learning. This article presents a case study of teacher learning in an AfL project in Hong Kong. In the Project, AfL strategies were adopted in Chinese Language and English Language classrooms at the junior secondary level. By examining subject leaders' and classroom teachers' experiences with the project reported in interviews, the paper enriches our understanding of the variations in the subject department contexts of teacher learning, the situatedness of teacher learning in terms of knowledge about student learning, understanding of AfL and curriculum leadership, as well as the relationship between teacher learning and changes in assessment practices. The article concludes with suggestions on fostering subject departments to be expansive environments for teacher professional learning and to be a vehicle of internal change, alerts the importance of integration of AfL into teachers' pedagogical content knowledge and the subject curriculum, and highlights the cultural dimension as an issue for further study in AfL. Copyright © 2010 Taylor & Francis Group, an informa business.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)621-636
JournalProfessional Development in Education
Issue number4
Publication statusPublished - Dec 2010



Tang, S. Y. F., Leung, P. P. W., Chow, A. W. K., & Wong, P. M. (2010). A case study of teacher learning in an assessment for learning project in Hong Kong. Professional Development in Education, 36(4), 621-636.