Zippy's Friends Programme in Kindergarten and Primary Schools in Hong Kong (2005-2009)

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It teaches children how to cope with everyday difficulties, to talk about their feelings and explore ways of dealing with them, and to help other people with their problem. Up to now, a total number of 149 primary schools and 400 kindergartens have participated in the project. 1,374 teachers were trained to run the ZF program. A total of 21,017 kindergarten children and 9,621 Primary One children have benefited from Zippy's Friends' Program with enhanced emotional and social competence. The Zippy's Website was launched in 2005-6 in order to provide further professional support for teachers and parents. The Hong Kong Bank Foundations has contributed 2,885,000 to support the Hong Kong Institute of Education in introducting Zippy's Friends' Programme from 2006-2009. (Zippy Friends Phase 2). This programme teaches children how to cope with everyday difficulties, to talk about this feelings and explore suitable coping strategies. Zippy's Friends members are responsible for training teaches (kindergarten and primary) to implement the programme at school and evaluate the effect of the programme on children's development.

Funding Source: HK Private Fund - Charities/Foundations^^
Effective start/end date01/09/0631/08/09


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