YWCA Jockey Club Walk Along with Kids & Families Project

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    To study the effectiveness of the “Walk Along with Kids and Families” project. Research Design: Empirical Evaluation Study - Two-Wave longitudinal design in order to corroborate its long term intervention effects of the Project will be adopted - Questionnaire survey and focus group would be used to collect data from participating families before and after the program respectively. Also we would invite families to have interview in three focus groups. We will consider choosing not less than 20% of the participating families to be the sample and to measure six aspects of the families for evaluation - Six aspects include children’s emotional stability and behavioral health, parent-child relationship, parents' awareness in parenting, parenting efficacy and families* social support - It is expected that improvements will be made in terms of the six aspects Output: - A sharing seminar on the project evaluation for the general public which will include SWD, those NGOS and related parties such as kindergartens of Yuen Long District. - A final research report setting forth the accomplishments and significant Research finding shall be prepared by the Department of Special Education and Counselling / EdUHK and submitted to the Funding Body.

    Funding Source: HK Private Fund - Charities/Foundations^^
    Effective start/end date01/06/1631/08/18


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