Variation for the Improvement of Teaching and Learning (VITAL) Project

  • KO, Po Yuk 高寶玉 (CoI)
  • FUNG-LO, Mun Ling (PI)
  • LI, Shuying (CoI)
  • KWOK, Wing Yin (CoI)
  • NG, Pun Hon (CoI)
  • LO-FU, Yin Wah, Priscilla (CoI)

Project: Other project

Project Details


The VITAL Project represented a major Institute initiative to collaborate with EMB to support schools in implementing curriculum reforms through supporting their teachers' professional development and assisting the schools as they become learning communities. The plan, over three years, was to support around 120 schools in conducting Learning Studies, where the focus was directly on the improvement of learning and teaching. Each year within the Project implementation period, some 40 schools participated in the projects, which covered all the Key Learning Areas (KLA's) across both primary and secondary schools.

Funding Source: HKSAR Govt - Education Bureau
Effective start/end date01/12/0431/12/08


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