Use Coding as a Pedagogy for Teaching Subject Knowledge in Mathematics, General Studies and English Language and Fostering Computational Thinking

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The goal of this project is to use coding as a pedagogy in teaching core subjects in primary schools, including Mathematics, General Studies and English Language for promoting senior primary school students to develop both subject knowledge and computational thinking (CT). The project has two objectives – (i) To design learning and teaching materials for coding education in these three core subjects in primary schools: (a) Mathematics: Using Scratch programming to enhance the concepts of prime and composite numbers in Primary 6; (b) General Studies: Using Micro:bit and Inventor Kit to deepen the conceptual understanding of electricity building on traditional inquiry approach in Primary 5; (c) English Language: Using Scratch programming to develop building blocks for learning and teaching of locations and directions in Primary 4. (ii) To develop primary school teachers in these three core subjects to use the designed learning and teaching materials in curriculum delivery to facilitate students’ development of subject knowledge and CT.

Funding Source: HKSAR Govt - Quality Education Fund (QEF)
Effective start/end date01/02/2031/01/22


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