UGC Funding Scheme on Teaching and Learning Related Initiative (2016-2019 Triennium): Special Educational Needs Empowerment Project for Pre-service Teachers

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Government statistics indicate that the number of students with special educational needs (SEN) in mainstream schools is increasing. Local report revealed that the majority of teachers lacked training in SEN, leading to frustration, ineffective teaching, and the suffering of SEN students (Equal Opportunity Commission, 2012). Funded by the UGC Funding Scheme on Teaching and Learning Related Initiative (2016-2019 Triennium) (About 5.7 million in total), Center for Special Educational Needs and Inclusive of The Education University of Hong Kong and Center for Learning Sciences of The Hong Kong Baptist University launched the project titled “Special educational needs empowerment project for pre-service teachers”, aiming at strengthening the special needs training for undergraduates in both universities, by constructing a comprehensive and in-depth framework of inclusive education teacher training at different levels. In the Horizontal level, participants attended workshop, guided visit and seminars for exposure to students with SEN. In Vertical Level 1, participants deepened their SEN understanding via training, community service and reflective activities. In Vertical Level 2, participants undertook intensive leadership training in the SEN service providers. The project attracted desirable enrollment at Horizontal Level (N=744), Vertical Level 1 (N=236) and Vertical Level 2 (N=21). It was evident that the activities helped participants acquire knowledge and skills in supporting students with SEN. Participants were able to gain frontline experience and real-life exposure through the designed service learning activities. More importantly, the project systematically and purposefully nurtured committed pre-service teachers to become competent in catering for diversity through a ‘horizontal’ and ‘vertical’ ‘Service Learning Model’. It was concluded that this innovative approach supported teacher training in inclusive education, prepared undergraduate students for a SEN-focus career development, and provided them with the necessary service-learning exposure to meet the contextual needs and challenges in inclusive practices. The team disseminated widely the outcomes and deliverables in high education sector locally and internationally. It was recommended that the mode can be integrated into Co-curricular Learning Courses in undergraduate programs for the sustainability thereafter. ( 冼權鋒、呂明等編 (2020) : 《共融學習指南》,香港教育大學特殊學習需要與融合教育中心及香港浸會大學教育學系學習科學中心。

Funding Source: UGC - Teaching Development Grants (TDG)
Effective start/end date01/09/1729/02/20


  • Inclusive Education, Special Needs Training, Teacher empowerment


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